Long COVID Recovery Program

Long COVID Recovery Program

Get your program to support the 3 pillars for long COVID recovery. Develop a personalised treatment plan to recover from long COVID symptoms.

Start now to recuperate. Relieve your fatigue, chest pain, brain fog and aches and pains.

Get your complete program for only £9.95. Similar programs designed to heal your body and recover your energy cost £350. Start now by clicking the Buy Now button below.


Fast Track to Get Back to Life

Follow a step-by-step system to heal your body.

People who resolved their long COVID have discovered some pieces to the recovery puzzle. But when you know all the pieces to the recovery puzzle, you will heal faster. Save yourself time by following all proven methods in our long COVID recovery program. With that, you will learn exactly how to put it all together.

Take one step at a time. Put your body into a natural state of recovery and repair. As you progress, you will feel your symptoms ease.

In your program, we will focus on the 3 pillars for long COVID recovery.

  1. Repair virus-induced body damage
  2. Grow new mitochondria
  3. Support your immune system

In each pillar, we use the latest information coming out of evidence-based and functional and integrative medicine. With that, we have put together a holistic solution from over ten years of research in complex disease treatments. Thereby, offering information about known treatments to help repair your body.

We don't need to reinvent the wheel. Simply apply what works for the best result.

Investing in your health to recover from long COVID doesn't have to be expensive.

An initial consultation with a functional medicine practitioner will set you back around £400. Plus, over £300 for each follow-up consultation, plus the price for any tests. However, you don't have to pay that much.

The information in the Long COVID Recovery Program should cost more than £700. But you can get it for only £9.95... the cost of a takeaway meal.

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