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Pushing Controversial Vaccine To Crush Unstoppable Viral Spread

Granting Full Vaccine Authorisation & Incentivise Public To Inject Confidence In Debatable Program

The US has given the green light for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. That paves the way for institutions and businesses to demand personnel and pupils to get vaccinated.

The Pentagon announced that it will proceed with mandatory vaccination for 1.4 million active-duty service members. New York City will now require every employee of its Department of Education to be vaccinated. And anyone 16 and over in education could be required to provide proof of vaccination.

The FDA's decision to fully licence Pfizer's COVID vaccine could be premature. Some will point out that they are removing the emergency use authorisation argument - that the vaccine is an experiment. They hope to press forward with the "safe and effective" stance and quash any objections. However, this is not the first time a drug has received full approval from the FDA, even though there is insufficient evidence it works.

Quite recently, a treatment for Alzheimer's gained a license even though the clinical trial results were shockingly negative. They received authorisation because they continue to work towards providing evidence the drug has a positive effect.

In reality, the Pfizer vaccine is still an experiment. A botched one at that. Even though the phase 3 trial is still ongoing, it is non-applicable because it is unblinded now. The control group were offered the vaccine. Naturally, the majority will have taken them up on that offer.

So, vaccine pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies will continue to monitor the participants for the next year or so, but what can that data tell us without a control group?

Rita Rubin, MA, questions what we could lose without following through with the vaccine trials:

Although vaccines might demonstrate high short-term efficacy, only longer placebo-controlled trials can fill in the remaining information gaps, the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) Ad Hoc Expert Group on the Next Steps for COVID-19 Vaccine Evaluation noted in a December 2 article entitled “Placebo-Controlled Trials of COVID-19 Vaccines—Why We Still Need Them.” Those gaps include a more comprehensive assessment of short-term safety, questions about whether waning vaccine-induced protection could lead to vaccine-enhanced disease in infected vaccinees, information on protection against severe COVID-19, and possible associations between age or comorbidities and level of protection.

Roll on phase 4... "surveillance to monitor the effects of the vaccine after it has been used in the population". 

20,595 Deaths & 1,960,607 Injuries Reported Following COVID-19 Vaccination

That's just in the European Union. The European Medicines Agency provides public access to EudraVigilance; a database of suspected adverse drug reaction reports. Within the reports, four COVID vaccines have contributed to these deaths and injuries, with 50% of the injuries classified as serious.

But it is OK. It is the sacrifice we make to benefit society!

You have to question if that is true. We know these systems are grossly underreported. Typically five times underreported. Some argue that people are more aware, so they are actively reporting COVID vaccine injuries. I'm unconvinced as I haven't met many people outside of health care that knows these systems exist, let alone how to report their suspected injuries. In fact, I have met many people now taking blood thinners, and they had no idea that the vaccine could be the culprit. Their doctor rationalised that their blood clots were possibly due to another ailment.

So You Have To Wonder If The Benefits Outweigh The Risks

The original assumption was that a vaccine would create immunity. Herd immunity through vaccination was the goal. In the beginning, Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine efficacy was sold as 95%. However, real-world data tells a different story. The effectiveness of the vaccine is rapidly tumbling. And the signs are that new variants can bypass vaccines. They no longer prevent infection and transmission, allowing the virus to spread and evolve. At some point, the coronavirus will completely evade COVID-19 vaccines. In fact, as we've just seen, they "could lead to vaccine-enhanced disease".

Even though it is clear to see, true believers in the COVID vaccines cannot put two and two together. Recently, I watched a doctor on YouTube attempt to explain why vaccination is necessary even with all the new data.

At first, I couldn't believe she contradicted herself. I played it back to make sure. Then, I couldn't help but laugh. I played it back in amusement and had an uncomfortable chuckle.

And previously with prior variants, exposure to COVID after vaccination meant that you were protected from contracting the virus and protected from passing it along to other people. But this is no longer true. And this is to be expected as the virus continues to mutate and get better and better at infecting and spreading.

This is why everyone in the medical community, including myself, is highly recommending vaccinations because the less people that virus can infect the less likely it will keep mutating. At the end of the day, I will continue to say to anyone that will listen. Please get the COVID vaccine. Any COVID vaccine. One is not better than another. They're safe and effective.

People are so convinced the COVID vaccine is the solution even when science tells another story. Although, a lot of people cottoned on to that contradiction. I love this YouTube comment:

She spent ten minutes telling us that you can still get infected with the vaccine and that you can still transmit the virus after getting the vaccine but then ends with “get the vaccine so the virus can’t spread and mutate.” WTF. Lady, you just said it spreads with the vaccine. So does it or doesn’t it and we all know it does. So essentially Covid is with us forever, thanks, got it.


For one thing, we should not blame that well-intentioned doctor because she is repeating the line from upstairs. Dr Fauci said that people can get infected after vaccination and carry enough viruses to transmit the infection. Then he says if the overwhelming majority of people are vaccinated, the virus would be crushed.

Another thing is I have to keep reminding myself that most people, including doctors and scientists, do not understand Darwin's theory of evolution. Now, I'm not claiming to be an expert but, I get that very similar characteristics and solutions to a problem can occur in multiple places around the world without their interaction with one another. And I get that...

...Environmental Pressure To Evolve Will Cause Evolution Or Extinction

What I can say is we have seen both of these aspects happen in the coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. Similar changes to the spike protein happened on different continents. Plus, according to some experts, we created enough immunity or herd immunity to force evolution. That is because we have cross-immunity to coronaviruses that originally helped to prevent infection, while other people developed defences towards the original corona variants.

The biggest example of this is the South African variant. South Africa ended up having a second wave of infection in the same cold and flu season. It is believed they locked down hard with families sheltering in small homes. When tested, a large portion had antibodies to the virus. Experts declared herd immunity. Therefore, that scenario was perfect for evolution to occur in the SARS-CoV-2 virus... along came the South African (beta) variant and the second wave in South Africa.

Then a new northern hemisphere cold and flu season rolls around and up pops the UK (alpha) variant. That variant becomes the most successful virus and spreads worldwide, even though other concerning varients popup in tropical regions. The Brazilian (gamma) was a threat, but it couldn't compete with the UK variant and natural immunity. Now the Indian (delta) variant is taking over. But it has to compete with natural immunity and vaccine-induced immunity.

Even so, the northern hemisphere has seen a second wave of COVID this season. Europe and North America have seen the delta variant spread. Now the tropical regions are seeing another spike in cases. In fact, as winter comes to an end in the southern hemisphere, the delta variant has spread worldwide.

WHO data of countries reporting the delta variant

According to the WHO COVID-19 update, the vaccine performance against the delta variant has retained protection against severe disease and possible reduced protection against symptomatic disease and infection.

There's no wonder you might be concerned if you made the right decision. The vaccines don't look like they offer long term protection. Either they lose their strength over time, or the variants will bypass them. Then there are the side-effects of the vaccines to take into account... we do not know what will happen two, five, or ten years down the road.

But the vaccines do offer protection from hospitalisation and death even though you can become infected and spread COVID.

Clearly, it is not black and white. You'll have to make a judgement based on what we do know for sure... COVID infection-fatality rate for over 65's is high. Globally, it is around 3.5%. New data from the U.S. has a rate of 2.7% and 80% of the total deaths. While still using U.S. data, 50-64 years have an infection-fatality rate of 0.3% - a massive drop in risk. 18-49 years have a 0.03% risk of death, and children have 0.001%.

So, you have to take those COVID-19 risk factors and balance them with the risk of "severe adverse events" from the vaccines. The research shows that risk increases by 200% in the vaccinated group compared to the control. And the Pfizer vaccine increases by 600% for children aged 12-15.

Joints For Jabs

With that in mind, I seriously question if enticing people to get a jab is ethical or even legal under the emergency use authorisation...

...Come and get your doughnuts, pizza, beer, lottery tickets and gift cards! Uber, Bolt and Deliveroo offer discounts and incentives to customers who get a COVID-19 vaccine. Russia has been handing out five cars a week in a prize draw for the vaccinated, while Londoners got the chance to win Euro 2020 Championship final tickets.

Washington State retailers offer free cannabis joints to get a shot in ‘joints for jabs’ promotions.

There have been lots of carrots and events to encourage people to get vaccinated. They put them in an appealing and pleasant environment, so they comply with the vaccine push. 

At the other end of the string - and I would say that the stick has been more effective - they threaten to take away your privileges and make life difficult. For example, people on the fence justified their actions by regaining freedom like travel or going to an event.

Isn't it disgraceful that we have to take part in an experiment to retrieve our freedoms? Although, we are no longer shocked when it is pointed out to us. At the end of Nick Ferrari's LBC breakfast show, a caller, Katie from Paddington, who is having trouble getting her son to have the jab, said... son really started to get quite serious anxiety because he was following Tik Tok, and other social media platforms. Basically, thinking that we were all being brainwashed, we're having this jab against, you know, our wills...

I managed to persuade him to go to the local hospital and have the jab, but before we went in. He got an anxiety attack. It was that bad. I had to seek the head consultant who was in charge of the vaccination programme at that hospital and she had a long chat with him, quite a serious one, then he went to literally have the injection, and he sat down and he said, I don't think I can go through with it, he was really anxious... it was all about the COVID jab, so they were brilliant, the way they handled it. And the other thing is, whilst all this was going on, he knew that his paternal grandmother was in hospital with long COVID and she's going to take a year to recover. So that didn't convince him. But the social media has convinced him against it and he's now very reluctant to have the second one. So I've got all of that to deal with trying to convince him that he's got to have that second one. Otherwise, he's not going to be part of society. And so this is what we're up against.

I was stunned. The fear is that "he's not going to be part of society". So that young man should get the COVID jab.

The bottom line should be measuring the risk over reward - Considering age and metabolic health... Would natural immunity provide better protection over the long run? And even if you have the jab, how do you stay healthy or improve your immune system. Plus, what is your plan when you start to feel run down and a little sick? Have you got the Nutraceuticals to Boost & Balance your Immune System?