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Civil Liberties Axed As Experimental Vaccines Required

Unvaccinated Fired & Lose Freedoms

Are They Interfering With Your Freedoms Due To Their Beliefs?

Civil liberties are protected, so we thought. Democratic countries stand up tall and stick out their chest. They are proud to demonstrate independence and justice... until they don't.

Now, governments and businesses are imposing unreasonable and irrational sanctions. Why? It's due to fear and misunderstanding. But worst of all, it's starting to feel like a cult.

Toe The Line Or Feel My Wrath

I'd like to be wrong here. I would very much love for there to be one solution to COVID. With all the scientists ironing out the data to come to one conclusion. Every doctor is versed in the book of medical facts. And a computer model guesstimating the future with precision.

Unfortunately, we are not there. Far from it. So, we are facing an authoritarian push to comply. Otherwise, governments and businesses will take away your freedoms.

Unvaccinated "Second Class Citizens" Restricted

Right now, France and Italy are imposing "health passes". If you are not vaccinated, you're not coming in! That extends to bars and restaurants, entertainment venues and transport. Plus, Italy requires all teachers and pupils to have had their vaccines before returning to work and education.

On top of that, the UK is mandating all care home staff to have the vaccine. And US businesses have the right to fire staff for turning up to work without being vaccinated. In fact, reports suggest that CNN has sacked three staff members for this "offence".

Regarding this, Google, Facebook, Delta and United Airlines will also impose proof of vaccination requirements for their staff. Are they setting a precedent?

Additionally, president Biden commands two million federal employees to prove vaccination status or face mandatory testing and mask-wearing.

All of that comes from a misunderstanding... Vaccination is our saving grace, thereby, the only way out of this pandemic. Anyone that says otherwise is spreading misinformation.

Unfortunately for our benevolent dictators, science points to other solutions. Plus, scientific ideas sprawl as we develop a theory. Admittedly, we don't have one yet. Scientists are still piecing the puzzle together with passion and fury. Regrettably, they need reminding to leave their emotions and biases behind when donning the lab coat.

So what are your options when faced with the coronavirus?

Most importantly, individual immunity protects you from disease. That should be the message. However, we focus on herd immunity, a pie in the sky concept, for coronaviruses. History, biology and evolution show that these viruses replicate, adapt, and change rapidly. They bypass our natural and stimulated defences. Consequently, herd immunity will be short-lived. That is why we hear booster vaccines are imminent.

Isn't it funny how we see the unvaccinated? It's like whoever does not take the jab simply cross their fingers and hopes for the best. It is obscene. Many smart people weighed up the risks from both the virus and vaccine and figured out the best way forward to support their immune system.

Actually, the proactive unvaccinated point out the vaccine breakthrough COVID cases and undoubtedly chastise them for believing they were protected. As a result, those vaccinated and now diseased people did nothing to increase their protection.

Granted, there will be some that believe they are healthy and are willing to roll the dice. But I'd suggest that is too risky because this virus is no joke.

Therefore, listen to the boy scout or brownie inside saying... always be prepared.

Essentially, your immune system is at the centre. But with a damaged body, your immune system becomes compromised. Actually, we know most people die with COVID-19. That is because other illnesses cause problems. And multiple diseases can increase your risk of death by over 380% when hospitalised. So, you have to ask yourself... how healthy am I?

The chances are you are not in tip-top condition even if you think you are. Take the US as an example. Only 12.2% of American adults are metabolically healthy.

In the UK, a 2010 study measured metabolic syndrome at 40%. But with the upward trend, it is likely to be a lot higher now.

Do you know if you are metabolically healthy?

If you haven't already been diagnosed with heart disease, or diabetes, or high blood pressure, or any other disease, then you can test to find out. Along with your doctor, you can look at your blood glucose and fat levels, blood pressure and waist circumference to give you an idea.

The good news is that metabolic health can turn around within weeks, if not days.

Then you can look at your options.

Have you already had COVID?

If you have, then your body is prepared to defend you against current variants. But don't rely on that to be perfect. There are other options to increase your defence.

Of course, a vaccine is an option for COVID virgins. If the benefits outweigh the risks, then it might be a good option.

On the other hand, we are talking about individual immunity... Your immune system. Vaccine or no vaccine, you still have to aid your immune system because it does not run on fresh air. It takes nutrients and stimulation to protect you.

Nutritional science tells us that your defence against cold and flu (which coronaviruses belong to) involves vitamins and minerals. And they deplete while defending your body.

So, are you getting adequate daily nutrition? Do you need to top up on missing or low nutrients? If you come into contact with COVID, what is your plan of action? And if you begin to feel rundown or present symptoms, what are you going to do?

Remember, it doesn't matter if you are vaccinated or not. Or if you have natural immunity after recovering from covid. Your immune system needs to mount a defence at any given moment. And from what we have seen, that response can be reduced, weak or non-existent, even with a vaccine.

On the bright side, your lifestyle is the key. Healthy eating provides the required nutrients from fruit and veg and meat and seafood. Plus, supplements can boost needed nutrients. And a little movement strengthens your immune system.

On the other hand, a lack of exercise and excess training reduces your immune system.

Keep in mind that good mental health, meaning low levels of stress and anxiety, help your immune system to function normally.

Also, a healthy microbiota and your environment play a massive role in your immune system. Finally, get a good night's sleep.

Besides that, medication can prevent SARS-CoV-2 infections too.

Ultimately, get your lifestyle on point and have a plan for when you come in contact with SARS-CoV-2 this year and the foreseeable future. That way, we can get on with life and remove these barriers for entry.