Coronavirus Treatment - Boost & Balance your Immune System

Restricted Treatment Prevents COVID-19

Censored COVID Medication Treatment

A proven medicine to stop the disease in its tracks. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies, health authorities and social media are censoring the one thing that can quickly stop this pandemic.

Science backs the treatment. Safety is not a concern. Plus, real-life evidence proves its effectiveness.

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Coronavirus Treatment - Boost & Balance your Immune System

Long Covid

  • First Long Haul COVID-19 Pharmaceutical Treatment Protocol

    Long Haul COVID-19 Pharmaceutical Medication

    A possible Long COVID solution developed by expert clinicians based on scientific data and clinical experience.

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  • Are Long COVID Sufferers Contagious & Test Positive?

    Are Long COVID Sufferers Contagious

    Many are wondering if they are contagious while suffering from Long COVID? It is a valid concern. Something is going on in your body and causing symptoms. One of the theories is that SARS-CoV-2 is still living in your body, evading your immune system and causing problems as they move around. So you would be right to question if Long COVID sufferers are infectious.

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  • New Procedure To Test Long COVID

    Long COVID blood test

    To test for Long COVID, your doctor will account for your medical history and assess all symptoms. Then your doctor will do some tests and refer you to others. That way, health care professionals can investigate your symptoms and rule out any other conditions.

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Coronavirus Treatment